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A well-built foundation is essential to your building project. Miami Concrete Pros has years of experience handling both residential and commercial foundations. Our team will work closely with your architects and engineers to ensure you receive a foundation that will stand the test of time. We can handle shallow and deep foundations in Miami Florida. Our foundations will distribute weight over a large area and will anchor your structure against natural forces. We will provide a level surface foundation that can easily be built upon. Contact our expert team today and we can get started on your concrete foundation design today!

Foundation Features and Requirements
Our foundations pass a stringent test to ensure the safety and durability of your final building project. Your entire construction depends on the quality construction of the foundation. A poorly designed or constructed foundation can be an incredible danger. The construction of a concrete foundation will transmit and sustain the final weight of your building to the earth. Our expert concrete contractors have years of experience and will design and construct a foundation that will handle distress. The final foundation will stand the test of time and can survive natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. You can rest easy knowing that your home will have a foundation it can rely on.

Residential Foundation
We offer a variety of quality services to our residential customers based in Miami. Our residential construction experts will work closely with your other contractors to deliver a strong and reliable foundation for your new home. We also offer a variety of repair and restoration services for your current home. A failing foundation is a serious issue and needs to be addressed quickly. Leaks, uneven floors, cracks in walls and gaps between doors are all symptoms of a failing foundation. Let us investigate today to get your home restored and renovated.  

Commercial Foundation
Our commercial foundation specialists have countless years of experience. Our engineers will work with your team to design and construct a concrete foundation that will be stable and safe. Your new foundation will anchor your structure and distribute all the weight required in your specifications. Our commercial-grade foundations can be upgraded with industrial flooring, loading docks, parking ramps and tension filled decks. We pride ourselves on delivering the best commercial foundations in Miami. No commercial design is too large for our team members. Let’s get started on your dream commercial project today.

Foundation Repair
Have you noticed cracks or leaks in your foundation? Miami Concrete Pros has emergency teams ready to take care of your problems. Let our contractors assess your damage and issues today. Our focus is to provide cost-effective and quality solutions to your problems. A small crack could turn into major damage quickly. Foundation failure is a very dangerous issue, but can be handled quickly by our experts. We also offer waterproofing services for your concrete. We can quickly waterproof your basement or exterior issues. Call or email us and we can get to work on your repairs today!

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