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Solid Concrete Miami has a long history of working with commercial contracts. We have consistently met the needs of architects, business owner and government contractors. Our focus on the work, safety, quality and budget, while ensuring the project is completed and exceeds the specifications of the client. From the initial contact with the customer, the team at Solid Concrete Miami will provide exceptional customer service, professionalism and timeliness. Our attention to detail during all phases of our commercial concrete services is second to none.  You can contact our team at anytime to discuss your project and your needs. We would love to help out.

Parking Lots
Do you need a new parking lot for your office or industrial buildings? You should consider concrete. While most lots are still made of asphalt, the cost of asphalt has recently risen. Concrete also has little to no upkeep cost compared to asphalt. The lighter color of the concrete also reduces that ambient heating around your commercial property. A concrete parking lot can also withstand heavier weights than asphalt. We can provide you with an exceptional concrete parking lot in no time for your commercial property.

Building Foundations
We can provide the foundation for your next building project! You need a properly constructed foundation for your building. Your entire business depends on the foundation lasting. We can provide a quality concrete foundation for any size commercial building or project. Our team is trained in the latest techniques and technologies and can provide an expert level of service. Solid Concrete Miami has been trusted to create countless commercial building foundations. Let us help you set the foundation for your new or existing business. We pride ourselves on creating concrete foundations that last.

Patios, Walkways
Adding patios and walkways around your commercial property are essential. We can beautify your property and create outdoor functional space for you and your employees or tenants. Add a concrete patio and create an outdoor lunch area for your office. Add additional walkways around the office or add additional handicap access with new and improved concrete ramps. We can also repair and refurbish any of your existing patios and walkways. Miami weather can be harsh. Let us take a look at the condition of your current office and we can discuss the best course of action to improve the look of your commercial or industrial property.

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The flooring in your warehouse needs to be flat, smooth and durable. We can provide your warehouse with a perfect concrete floor you can be proud of. As on of the top concrete contractors in Miami, our team is educated and experienced in the art of creating a flawless floor. Our warehouse flooring will come reinforced and ready to handle any size payloads you require. Your employees will be amazed at the quality of your new concrete warehouse flooring. As a market leader, we will create a flat floor quickly for you that will increase your warehouse productivity.

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