Stamped Concrete Miami

Want something unique? We can use stamped concrete to create a pattern or texture for your new patio, sidewalks, foundation, and driveway. Solid Concrete Miami will deliver stunning results for less than alternatives such as stone, slate or brick. Your new walkway or patio can resemble almost any other building material.  We can give your patio a makeover and deliver on any artistic vision you have for your project. You can choose your design, base color and accent color for your artistic concrete projects. If you want to add a creative touch to your Miami area concrete project, feel free to contact our team today!

Concrete Contractors Miami can rely on

After the team at Solid Concrete Miami completes your project you will have a durable and beautiful patio, walkway or driveway. We will work closely with you to achieve your vision for the project. Our stamped concrete driveway Miami can match wood, tile stone, flagstone, slate and brick. We can also create custom stamps for more artistic concrete projects. Your final product will be less expensive than the actual material. Stamped concrete is also very durable and will require little to no maintenance over the years. Add unique colors to create stunning patterns and give your home a unique look!

stamped concrete miami

Stamped Concrete Driveway Miami Loves With Overlay

Perhaps you have a concrete driveway or patio already. It may be in good shape but needs a design update. We have stamped concrete overlays that can increase the aesthetic of your home. The overlay is simply applied over your original structure. This option can save you time and money. An overlay is a popular option if you are only looking for a way to refresh your current concrete areas. We can prepare your existing surface by cleaning, repairing cracks and then apply any design you would like. We are ready to tackle and repair and revitalize your project with stamped concrete.

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Color and Design Your Own
Our expert concrete contractors Miami can create a variety of designs for any project. We have perfected patterns that match most other building materials. If you want a brick or slate floor, we can provide you with an option that is less expensive and more durable. If you are interested in a more artistic vision, we can adjust the base and accent color of your design. Our contractors can even adjust the stamp to almost any design of your choosing. Let our expert concrete designers deliver the patio of your dreams! Your new colored and textured deck or patio will enhance your property for years to come!

Creative Uses
Do you have something in mind other than outdoor work? Feel free to contact the team at Solid Concrete Miami today. Is your fireplace an outdated style that doesn’t fit your interior design ideas? We can create a contemporary look with concrete surfaces. Choose a style that meets your design goals. Create pillars, columns, trim into your interior. Create a consistent flow to every room in your home. Add a stamped concrete floor to rooms in your home. We have designs that can match all styles and will complement your other décor choices.

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