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We can use Ready Mixed concrete if you are not able to mix concrete on site. We can deliver a finished amount of concrete to any job site in the Miami area. If you need a batch of concrete ready, we can provide all you need for your next project. Our ready mixed concrete can be ready for your commercial and industrial project today. Solid Concrete Miami is an industry leader with years of experience providing an exceptional product and service. We have a ready-mixed concrete solution for any size project. Feel free to contact us today for a consultation.

Driveways and Parking Lots
Ready mixed concrete is the perfect solution for driveways, parking lots, streets and local roads. Ready mix is a less expensive option than asphalt currently and has less maintenance costs associated with it. A properly designed ready mixed concrete driveway or parking lot will save you or your company money over the long term. You will end up with a lighter, cooler product that will be pleasing to anyone who uses it. A concrete lot can also hold more weight than asphalt and will require less repair due to extensive use.

Large Projects
Ready Mixed concrete is ideal for large projects. Once the concrete is mixed there is a very high level of quality control. This will ensure that all the concrete on your large project meets the same standards. Waste can be a major issue when tackling a large construction project. Once you hire Solid Concrete Miami, you can be assured that our ready mixed concrete will be minimized. You will also notice a labor cost reduction. You will not need to hire any extra workforce to mix your concrete. It will all be available, pre-mixed by our team of professionals.

Ready Mixed Quality Control
Your project can be assured a higher level of control using our ready-mixed concrete services. Our team can provide a concrete product that matches each client’s specifications. Each batch of ready mixed concrete is tested and goes through a rigorous quality control test. Our systems and tests meet all regulations required by The Environmental Protection Agency. You can then be sure that you will receive only the finest and strongest concrete available near Miami Florida.

Made to Order
Our quality control is important, and we strive to provide exceptional ready-mix concrete to our customers in Miami. During the ordering process, we will discuss batching, mixing, transportation and handling of our ready-mix concrete product. During the initial consultation, we will work closely with the customer to meet their specifications and to exceed government regulations. Upon delivery, you will have a ready mixed concrete that is strong, durable and long lasting. We will also handle the transportation of the product depending on the use of the concrete. We can supply central-mixed, truck-mixed, or mobile batch mixed concrete. We have transportation methods for long and short hauls of our ready-mixed concrete.

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