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Concrete is one of the most durable construction materials available. It is also very cost-effective. But even concrete has a shelf life and will eventually need to be repaired. Miami has its own issues with extreme changes in Weather including hurricanes, downpours, and high winds. If you notice your walls cracking or uneven floors it may be time to contact the team at Miami Concrete Pros. We can repair and restore your home or office today. Once repaired your concrete construction will be safe for all. Call or email us today for a consultation.

Residential Concrete Repair           
We can handle a variety of your residential concrete repair needs. Stress cracks, fractures, water damage, and foundation problems can become serious issues quickly. Miami Concrete Pros has expert repair technicians ready to handle any of your homes needed repairs. Over time corrosion can occur. Our repair services will heal your home giving you a safe home. We can handle tripping hazards in your broken walkways and driveways. If your patio is sinking, we can re-level any distorted surface you find. Our repairs will make your home safe and beautiful again!

Commercial Concrete Repair
Do you have a commercial property that needs concrete repair? We are experienced in commercial structural repair. A damaged commercial building is a danger to many people. Any issues need to be resolved quickly and effortlessly. We can provide emergency repairs that will guarantee the safety in your building. We can repair your concrete after any extreme weather that effects Miami. Our trained professionals have rebuilt foundations, parking lots, and are experts in structural repair. Let us tackle your bigger commercial projects. We appreciate your interest in our team and would love the opportunity to assist you with your commercial concrete repair issues.

 We can provide exceptional concrete restoration services to Miami Florida. No one can beat the experience of our repair technicians. Our repair and restoration services have satisfied both commercial and residential customers. We can handle simple concealer jobs for cracks, or we can handle any difficult task. Once restoration of your concrete is complete you will have a safer home or commercial property. You can also add designs or colors to your restoration. If you are bored with your old driveway or patio, we have a variety of stamped concrete options. Let us design and restore a new patio or walkway for you today!

Most of our customers contact us for repairs due to safety concerns. A failing foundation could be a very dangerous situation that needs to be resolved quickly. A broken walkway could cause someone to trip and be seriously injured. An unlevel basement or floor could result in cracks and water leakage into your home. Miami Concrete Pros technicians can be at your home today assessing the problem. Get in contact today and let’s make your home or commercial property safer. Find out much more details about us.

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